Quiz Contest
September 4, 2019
Singing and Dancing Competition
September 22, 2019

Art & Craft Competition


Art & Craft Competition
5th August
Art & Craft competition was organized at Baylor from grade 5 top 10 on 26th July. All students participated in this very program with their keen enthusiasm. Amazing skill was presented by the students which was situation of dilemma to believe the ability of students.
The competition was very tough due to which it was reality different separate the winners. However the following participants were the winner of the program:
Pranav Mishra- Class 10= 1st
Anmol Deuja- Class7 =1st
Prabal Shrestha-Class7=1st
Kailash Chimouria-Class6 – 1st
Sheena Taujale- Class 7=2nd
Bijaya Sherpa- Class6 = 2nd
Winners were awarded with the certificates and prizes at assembly and congratulated for upcoming days also.

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